Asbestos Testing

If you require one or more samples taken of a suspect material we can arrange for one our our accredited asbestos surveyors to come to your premises and take a sample of the suspect material.

All our samples taken are passed through are dedicated UKAS Accredited laboratory. On completion of the sample analysis we provide you with a certificate confirming if the material contains asbestos fibres and also what type of asbestos fibres are present.

Some of the asbestos materials in which we regularly test include:

  • Asbestos texture coatings (Artex)

  • Asbestos sheeting & panelling

  • Asbestos cement products

  • Asbestos insulation board (Asbestos Lux)

  • Asbestos textiles & asbestos paper

  • Reinforced asbestos materials (Vinyl floor tiles, toilet seats, cisterns)

  • Swab samples of dust

  • Asbestos insulation products

asbestos sample.jpg